Bait Box Couture
4/8/2010 9:54:22 AM

Bait Box Couture
by Joanna Hogan
(Reprinted from the Fort Myers News Press)

Redefining our definition of (what is) jewelry, Fort Myers Beach residents Susan Theisen and Mary Ellen Wood create earrings out of fishing lures.

"The long ones, my favorite, are called 'Willows.' Mary Ellen's are the tomahawk and banjo shapes. I also favor the baitfish." Susan wrote in an email, asking if Tropicalia readers would like 'Allurings.' At our front door a few days later, we found a bag containing more than a dozen tiny parcels of glitz -- 13 pairs of "Allurings" earrings. As we took them apart to admire and photograph them, they shined, glistened and enticed. Those poor fish never have a chance, once they see these sparklers, we thought.

"I grew up here on the beach fishing and of Mom and Grandma always took us fishing from Lake O to the east coast, where Mom was born in West Palm. Mary Ellen Wood was born in Tampa." says Theisen, an optician by day.

"Allurings" come with or without eyballs. Some styles suggest fly fishing and tickle when you move your head, we suspect. "Pictures don't do them justice," Theisen said and she's right!